We are now selling Bontà Natural Artisan gelato, made right here in Bend, Oregon.

We sell three flavors:


Dulche de Leche & Sea Salt: With Fleur de Sel Sea Salt, hand-raked and harvested in France, Bontà crafts their own Dulce de Leche with Rich Eberhard's milk and cream and pure cane sugar.


Stracciatella: Europe's most popular flavor. Similar to our American chocolate chip ice cream, but Bontà layers in smooth drizzles of Theo Dark Chocolate, and then breaks up the chocolate layers with long sweeping motions to create a less chunky and more evenly distributed, delicate chocolate crunch.


Peanut Butter & Theo Chocolate Fudge: Rich and creamy all natural peanut butter yields to swirls of smooth chocolate gooeyness, handmade by melting down Theo 70% cocoa dark chocolate bars. Theo Chocolates, based in Seattle, was the nation's first organic, fair trade, bean-to-bar chocolate factory.