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About Us

In the beginning, there was beer...and it was good!

Without a doubt, the most well-crafted beer you’ll ever have is brewed right here in Central Oregon by brewers like Sunriver Brewing, Bend Brewing Company, 10-Barrel, Oregon Distilleries, and Cascade Lakes Brewery, to name a few. It's not a local secret, either! Just go down to your local pub and ask for any one of the Central Oregon brews!

Years ago, when enjoying a cold one at a local brewery, we had a thought, "a lot goes into making beer, but where does it all go?"

Out of this question, Barley Beef was born.

To answer the question, it was a burden for the breweries to get rid of their waste- it was inefficient and costly.

During the beer brewing process, there are tens of thousands of gallons of “waste water” that is produced. This “beer water” (as we like to call it) is very high in minerals (like nitrogen) that is a tremendous fertilizer for pastures. Since the brewery has no use for this water and they can't dump it into the city sewers, we pick it up and use it to water our fields.

The second byproduct of beer is what we like to call “mash.” Thousands of pounds of spent grain (and sometimes hops) are left over from making beer daily at our local breweries and it is expensive to dispose of. The grain is full of rich nutrients and the cows love it! It’s a pretty a sweet deal for them.

Our wide open spaces, clean Central Oregon air, and a diet of "beer water" fertilized grass with a "beer mash" chaser make for not only happy cows, but deliciously marbled beef. The stress-free, open atmosphere of the farm keeps the herd relaxed, making the meat nice and tender. The herd never receives any hormones or artificial growth substances - not even aspirins for their hangovers!

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